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COVID-19 Guidelines

Apologies in advance that this is long but I feel all information is nexessary -Please take time to read my current guidelines - these are subject to change according to any updated Government Guidelines for Close Contact Services.

I have read and am following the Government guidelines on Close Contact Services and feel confident I have everything covered to keep myself, my family and also you safe.  I have also undertaken many courses and workshops since March 2020 - please see some certificates below. 

- Please arrive on time – I will have to be strict with timings as I need to ensure I have adequate time in between appointments to clean thoroughly.  My address if needed for reference is 3a Linden Way, Shepperton TW17 8BW


- When you come in please wash your hands in accordance with NHS Handwashing Guidelines.  There will be clean flannels to dry your hands on in the bathroom (with a little white bin to pop the used flannel).  There is sanitiser on the wall in my treatment room that can be used on entry and exit.


- Please bring minimal belongings in with you - I will have a box that you can pop them in which will be cleaned between appointments.


- A face mask/covering  is now mandatory in beauty salons so please make sure you have one with you - I will  also be wearing PPE.

If you do forget a mask/face covering then I will have some disposable ones you can purchase one at a small cost.


- Please come alone to your appointment.


- Please bring your own refreshment with you, I cannot offer you any drinks at this time.

- I will have the window open for ventilation - please wear something warm and if coming for a longer lash treatment bring your own blanket if needed


- Please be prepared to pay by card or bank transfer rather than cash – the card machine will be cleaned after each use.


- If you are feeling unwell at all, or live with someone who does, or are asked to self-isolate through NHS Track and Trace - then please call to rearrange your appointment.  There will be no cancellation fee if you need to reschedule for any symptoms of Covid-19 - you will have to wait 14 days before you can have another appointment.

- This also means for any illness and colds as although they are not covid-19 symptoms it would be better at this time for me not to get ill if possible as this could have a knock on affect on many of my appointments for others not wanting to come in if I am ill.  For seasonal colds/coughs  we can just look at rescheduling after you're better.


- If I feel ill, or anyone I live with does – or if I have been alerted by NHS Track and Trace that I have come into contact with someone who has tested positive – I will be cancelling appointments with immediate effect.  I know this may mean that I have to cancel appointments at short notice but it will be for everyone’s safety.


- On the day before your appointment you will also receive a 'COVID-19 Health Agreement' - on your appointment reminder text - that you will need to complete before you attend which will ensure that I have up to date contact information for you in case it is needed for NHS Track and Trace.   I have also a unique QR Code poster that you can use to check in with if you have the NHS App on your phone. 


- I will be regularly hand washing and sanitising, wearing PPE - gloves, a mask, apron and a visor - and I will have time between each appointment for a thorough cleaning process.   All items that can be single use and disposable will be used and tools that are not single use will be cleaned thoroughly and disinfected according to disinfectant guidelines.

If you're coming in for a lash treatment - please ensure you have clean lashes free of any product. 

If you're coming for a nail treatment please be aware I cannot remove anything you have put on your nails at home or in another salon - please ensure that is removed before attending your appointment. 


Thank you for taking the time to read all of this – I look forward to seeing you for your appointment soon!

Laura xx

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